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[27 May 2007|08:45pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Life is going way too well right now.

I got accepted to Whittier College yesterday. Still not 100% sure I'll go.

My grades this semester ended up being way better than I expected. Instead of getting C's in two of my classes, they both gave me B's.

Work is calm and stress is moderate to light.

Things with Hannah are going great and I love every second I spend with her.

I'm flying to San Francisco with her next weekend to see Arcade Fire. We're staying from Friday to Sunday. I'm looking forward to it soooo much.

The day after I get back I'm leaving to New York on a business trip. Should be fun.

Life is peaks and valleys. Right now I'm half-way up Everest.

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[03 Mar 2007|01:01am]
[ mood | sad ]

Do you ever just have a bad day? like nothing has really gone too wrong, but you just noticed a lot of things that havent gone right. and they just ruin your whole state of mind and throw you into a downward spiral.

I had one today.

Work was okay, in fact it was good. and productive.

its times like these that sometimes you wish you could have just stayed home, went to bad, and woke up happy. And I kind of wish I could have done that tonight.

on another note, I bought 4 arcade fire tickets on presale the other day. who's down?

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Last Night's Dream [19 Feb 2007|11:11am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Alright so last nights dream goes something like this:

The main character of this dream was a girl. I was this girl, but at the same time I wasn't; I was just watching this dream happen.

This girls dad was an important scientist, who also held an important roll in the government, possibly even the president. Something happened in his past, that lead to him almost losing his job.

This scientist father had created a mutant plant that he eventually left for his daughter. The plant had a head and mouth and vines and feelings. It could talk. It was pretty much this:

Well something happened to the plant. Maybe the girl killed it, or maybe the bad guys killed it. I forget (because forgetting dreams is too easy).

The Bad Guys: I dont remember much about them either. The were in their mid-20's. And they were after the girl for some reason, probably something pertaining to her father. She had been out running and escaping from these men for a while now. One day they found her house. She hid underneath the balcony outside. This was also the same place that the plant had lived. the bad guys waited for the girl on top of this balcony. The girl was scared underneath. Somehow, the plant was reborn. It cam back stronger than before, and told the girl he could help her. That she could control him.

Previously the girl had been experimenting with some sort of power she had found that she had. She could control objects if she focused hard on them. Similar to the movie "Carrie". This girl was not good at controlling objects though, and it took a lot of energy out of her to even try.

Back to the main story:

Shes underneath the balcony that the 2 men are standing on. She stand directly underneath one. Then she throws her hands up and uses all of her focus to throw up the plants vines. The vines shoot up with great force, easy breaking through the balcony and attacking the one man. She and the plant killed him. Then they went and attacked the next man. The vines struck him twice. also killing him.

After this attack, the plant again died. No idea of what killed it. But the plant was devastated at the girl for letting him die. Even though she had no control.

Fast forward: The girl has left her house and rejoined her father.

Her father approaches her from across this giant pool. He is riding a sort of train/rollercoaster thing through the water. He gets to the edge and tells her to get on. Inside where the girl is sitting her dad points out a large plastic screen that is sitting next to her. She asks what it is for and her dad doesnt answer. They keep traveling to the end of the pool. By this time the girl is filled with curiosity. It's not till the end of the ride that she sees the drain on pool. It's cover is missing. And she realizes that this is the event that had taken place in her fathers past. He told her how he had removed the drain cover from the pool, when he was young. He also showed her that he romved the light, and other covers from the same pool. This lead to the deaths of several innocent swimmers in the pool. Her father was almost destroyed because of this. Because her father was wise, and even though he knew removing the screens was wrong, he did it anyways.

And then I woke up.

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2007: 5 More Years to Live [18 Feb 2007|01:01pm]
[ mood | good ]

so im looking at this livejournal, which i havnt logged into in a while (although I still read almost everyone's), and apparently I havnt updated it in a year and a half, and this login page is intense.

life is good right now. school is okay (what else could you ask?), work is going well (lots of work, can get stressful, but its better than being slow).

I'm feeling the need to be more productive.

i don't know. this was a horrible idea to update with nothing to say...

i remembered 3 of my dreams last week, and they were all pretty crazy. 1 involved aliens destroying our world, at which I woke up right when the giant alien ship kamikaze'd itself into earth. Another was me dangling off the edge of a 5 story building, only holding myself up on their rain gutters. I actually survived that one...

ok, im going back to work on my car now. I'll try to make another update this year.

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the smallest things change our lives, and we dont even know it. [11 Aug 2005|10:22am]
[ mood | calm ]

heres my dream from last night. its pretty crazy, as most of my dreams are. but i really enjoyed this one, so i thought i would document it. it all starts in canada. fernelly and i were both there for some reason. i dont really remember, maybe it was school. anyways, aliens were attacking the world. and our little home town that me and fern had come to love had been destroyed. i know we had lived over there because i had my car with me. and i remember i had gone to a car show and seen another 68' fastback, and a 65 restomod there. so like i said, aliens wre attacking the world. so fernelly and i decided we needed to get back home to california, in hopes that our familly would still be there and that maybe the aliens had not hit it yet. i guess my car didnt work becuase we took my hoverboad. yes, there were hoverboards. we set the navigation on the hoverboard to take us to the nearest airport, and slowly began our journey. canada was mayhem. we made it to the airport, but everyone was panacing. tickets were nearly impossible to get unless you were filthy rich. i went up to the ticket counter, and made eyes with the girl that worked there. there was something between us the instant i saw her. i guess we instantly fell in love. as fern and i were talking to her she was telling us how it was going to be almost impossible to get back to california by plane. but because of the "thing" that she and i had, she decided to help us. "do you want tofollow natalie portman to california?" she asked. i said "yes of course". so she gave us 2 tickets to irvine, which was still somewhere in canada, but closer to home. in irvine we would hop onto another jet and then another and then another, untill we finally reached home. fernelly took his ticket and ran away somewhere, maybe to the bathroom, i dont remember, its not really important. what is important is that while fernelly was gone, the conversation between me and the "ticket girl" progressed. i think her last name was also portman. i think. but anyways, right when i had to leave i got up and so did she. and (im going to get made fun of for this...) we basically just gave eachother this hug. and then i kissed her. and then she kissed me back. and we just held eachother there for a few moments. it was so perfect. i knew she had to come with us. and she said she would. so the 3 of us headed for the airport terminal. when we got there the ticket girl said she had to gom back for something, i dont remember what. but she left, and me and fern got on the plane. the plane was full of rich people and actors. i remember seeing elijah wood, natalie portman, and the guy (ron) and the girl (hermini?) from harry potter. none of the others were important. i remember being on the plane. just waiting to arrive. i had paul's laptop with me, but i didnt bring the charger so i couldnt use it. i remember the captain of the plane asking natalie portman where she was to finally arrive. and she said california, and pulled out a fat stack of tickets for all the planes she was to take. it was at that moment that i had remembered that the girl had only given us one ticket to irvine. what were we to do after we got there? how would we get on another plane? we finally landed. everyone ran off the plane. there was a stairwase with multiple different ways up. i took one way and fernelly took another. i was yelling his name over the crowd to find him. and thats when my body woke up. my dream left me hanging. i cant stop thinking about that ticket girl. and i dont even know who she is.


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